Privacy Policy

A company that cares about its customers will be completely transparent about any and all aspects of its operations that may be of interest to them. As you can see, this is the strategy Letterman Jacket intends to implement. Before making a purchase from us, you should familiarize yourself with our policies governing the treatment of customer data.

If you’re wondering why an online jacket platform needs your personal details, it’s so we can complete your order. To reiterate, we will not collect any personally identifying information from you unless you provide us with that consent. Personal information is required for all of our services and will be securely stored in a database using the latest cyber security methods. Don’t worry; we won’t sell or give away your personal details. Furthermore, we adhere to the regulations established by your government for intercontinental trade. We follow all applicable laws and regulations.

How We Collect Information

All of our users contribute to the platform’s ongoing development and improvement by providing us with data. We automatically record all user activity using our powerful AI algorithms to evaluate the efficacy of our advertising and sales efforts, site enhancements, and user interface design. Your name, gender, birthdate, etc. are all we need to get started.

We Only Need the Basics

If you have any questions about the reasons we request personal information, please review our Privacy Policies. In order to improve our website and provide a satisfying experience to you, we will collect and use your personal information safely and responsibly.

  • A customer’s buying habits can shed light on the most popular jacket collections. Our customers will receive the best prices and the most flexible selection thanks to the data we’ve gathered.
  • Data about you is collected and stored so that we can give you a better shopping experience. Accurate data is saved in our systems so that we can enhance your experience and compensate you appropriately.
  • When we need information from you, like your name or email address, we will tell you right up front. We use your data to complete your transactions or to improve your shopping experience.

We receive hundreds of emails daily, so please bear with us as we read and respond to each one. Because of this, our response time could be as long as 12 hours.

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